It is the pastry of choice for many Chinese dim sums such as egg tarts, salted egg rolls and baked buns (烧包). One important thing- be patient. The cleanest way to roll and fold the dough is to use two cling films, one at the bottom and another on top of the dough. I hope you will enjoy the shrimp dumplings too. The water dough of the Chinese egg tart is based on 250g flour, and oil dough is 200g flour as in the recipe. May I ask if these canbe made in tge microwave? Hi Manda, I’m gonna try your recipe soon. "Egg tart, called custard tart in English, custard is a kind of frozen made of milk eggs and sugar, the Chinese call it egg, tart takes its sound. You can also leave the dough in the refrigerator overnight to continue the next day. Put some uncooked rice or beans on the pastry to prevent it from puffing up too much while baking. I may receive commissions for purchases made through links in this post. To make these egg tarts, whisk together eggs, sugar, milk, water, and salt into a bowl until thoroughly combined. Could this be done like putting the oil dough into a square shape and doing it as puff pastry? I don’t think that the filling can be kept because it contains eggs. Cook until the sugar is dissolved, remove from heat and cool to room temperature. Hello KP, on Pinterest. Have I misunderstood? Ta! In my recipe, the amount of egg (5 eggs or 245g) is roughly equal to the liquid (80ml milk + 165 ml water= 245ml). Hi Ferris, 1. It will expand a bit during baking and if it spills, the egg will stick to the mold and make it very hard to remove it. Appreciate that you point out the confusion of the steps. As I mention I never try this way so if you ever make the Big Mac size egg tarts, please let me know . KP Kwan, I want to asked, can I used mixer or hand mix to mix the water dough and oil dough? › chinese-egg-tart-foolproof-recipe 2) there was one video who actually put back into the refrigerator after each fold. 1. This is my first time doing it. I’ll put that in mind the next time I try. Quick question around using lard in your recipe: if I would like to use lard instead of butter, do I need to adjust for any other ingredient in the dough? I am kind of baffled with what you got too. And if i freeze it overnight , do i need to let it at room temperature before rolling. Hi VS, I baked the tarts in 2 batches the first batch was baked at 200 degrees celsius for 13 minutes. One well-known type of egg custard tart is known as the dan tat, which is usually made with a filling mixture of egg yolk, milk, and sugar, as well as varied flavorings.This type of custard tart can be found in many Chinese bakeries, as well as in dim sum restaurants. Put the egg tart at the lowest rack, so that it is closest to the lower heat source of the oven. I had to use almost an extra stick of butter for the dough to hold together and instead of using a fork I used a pastry blender. This is my first time making these tarts. Also, can I use confectioner sugar and use more egg whites? Really happy to know that my Chinese egg tarts recipe is useful to you, and your friends and family love it. This is my first time doing it.Do I need to blind bake the tart dough first before pouring the filing ? KP Kwan, Thx KP Kwan for sharing yr recipe. Can I use a conventional oven? It might be due to the temperature is too high, causing too much expansion of the egg filling. Thanks. Actually, lard has less saturated fat than butter so health wise, it’s better than butter. Meanwhile, you may want to use lard instead of butter. It will bring you to the Print format. It is a delectable surprise for people who have not tried it.”. Hi KP. (The temperature in the recipe is for reference, but there is a significant variation between different ovens.). › food › recipes › dan-tat-egg-tarts It would “bounce back” and become thicker after a while. 4. I m wondering whether same as cake flour or medium protein flour? Pour it into tart molds. I wanted to ask how can I stop the filling becoming like scrambled egg once cooked? Adjust the temperature of the bottom heat ten to twenty degree higher than the top heat. Thank you so much! You can add more sugar to the filling for a sweeter taste, and it will not affect the result. I would suggest making one larger batch to save time. Can I use prima top flour instead of all purpose or plain flour? 2. Can the rolling and folding be done all at once instead of four different times? KP Kwan. Your egg tarts looks really delicious. There is also no chinese bakery where I live Now, I can make it for a lot less. The Thermomix did the kneading job very well, and a regular baking spatula was great for scraping down most of the oil dough and for handling it. The second piece of the cling film prevents the dough from sticking to the rolling pin when you roll out the dough. Place them in the refrigerator. Smaller tarts need a higher temperature and shorter time. Alternatively, you can chill/freeze the oil dough first before folding. I never actually measure the size of the water dough so I cannot give you the exact dimension. 3. How will the leak change the result of the egg tart ? Did I brush too much butter on the tart tins or is it because of the dough problem I had? Hi, Or because of the method of the filling i did? And also it always shrinked down at the center. Sprinkle flour on the cling film liberally. And how do I solve this problem? KP Kwan. Take out and let cool. After the pastry is cooked, remove the rice or beans and fill with the egg liquid. Thanks. Egg tart is the much loved dim sum dessert not only in Hong Kong but is consumed in Chinese restaurants all over the world. Combine the white sugar and water in a medium saucepan, and bring to a boil. Thanks , Hi Jo, Please watch the video for my demo. It looks like the egg is cooked either too long or over high heat. Hi Debbie, KP Kwan, Hi KP, I am currently in the process of making the dough, but I have a feeling I’ve stuffed it up and will need to start again. Will definitely make again, on a weekend though next time lol. Here is my suggestion: Meanwhile, whisk the eggs, egg yolk, evaporated milk, vanilla, and sugar water until well combined. Roll out the water dough to form a sheet, then put the oil dough at the center, then wrap up the oil dough by using the sheet of the water dough. Just a guess, but still hope that it helps:). Really look forward for your advice. 2 egg yolks › travel › article › egg-tarts-margarets-cafe-e-nata-macao I have simplified the recipe without compromising the quality. You must resist the temptation to roll out the pastry when it is too soft. The pastry and custard egg filling turns out well but I personally felt something is missing on the crust, it doesn’t taste too much of butter but taste more of flour side. For a richer pastry, increase the amount of butter and reduce the amount of flour for the oil dough. Is anyone here have the answer? You can stack up the leftover pastry carefully just like stacking up pieces of papers. Thank you for trying out the recipe and great to know that it works. Please make the Chinese egg tart dough and chill it. It is my wish to share the egg tart recipe with you. Here is the link . KP, thank you for sharing this wonderful recipe. They are traditionally made with a combination of walnuts, eggs, brown sugar, butter, and white vinegar, which is then placed into small, flaky, deep or shallow tart shells and baked. Thank you! If you do it more than four, the layer will become too thin and break, which will have a negative effect. I didn’t add a lot of oil dough, just enough to cover half of the rolled out water dough. Shape dough into 1 1/2 inch balls, and press the balls into tart molds so that it covers the bottom, and goes up higher than the sides. If you want to you, can add more sugar to the filling. I will definitely makethem again!!! You may not need to use all the oil dough if you find that it is too much and tends to leak out. I was wondering if I could replace some butter with oil? If you use it, the custard is firmer, more yellow with extra artificial egg flavor. However, I tried making this twice, and both times, the water dough wouldn’t go very thin. Have you ever had an issue with a rubber like layer between the egg and crust before? I get your questions, and I am trying to explain as clear as possible. I tried to cover whole water dough but still have some left (about 20%?). Thanks! Secondly, my egg tarts cannot be taken out of the tart tins. KP Kwan. There was indeed too much custard for the amount of dough. The decision depends entirely on the individual. And it will make flakier dough than butter because there aren’t any milk solids to toughen things up. How many times ideally should u roll out the dough before using? Cheers. In a mixing bowl, beat 3 eggs until smooth and free of lumps. Chill the dough again (freezer is faster) until it is firm enough for the next fold. Thank you! The conventional oven is fine. That is why the taste is not the same. And yes, there is too much custard for the dough - you'll need 1.5 times of the dough to use up the custard. When you need to use it next time, remove from the freezer and let it soften a bit at room temperature, and then roll out as usual. How big should the pastry be before going into the molds? I use only milk in the Portuguese tart recipe. Use 2 fingers to shape the edge into an A shape. You can take a look at it: you can see the results in my instagram stories!! The egg tarts came out amazing , Hi Ivy, Thanks for trying out the recipe. KP Kwan, May I ask why my tarts stick to the mould after baking and hard to remove? So I do hope you can take some time to do the folding and rolling. Just use the same amount of milk to substitute the water will do. Here are my answers: (Note: I used eggs at room temperature and the sugar solution was cooled before use.) It also formed air “bubbles”, and made the oil dough spill out when I tried to roll it. I use a digital weighing machine with +/- 1g accuracy for all my work in the kitchen, including measuring all the liquids. Hi KP, My family loved it! But I’d like to try making it again next time. Ah, the sweet, sweet taste of colonial expansion. Thanks! PERFECT recipe! In step 4 of the section ‘Prepare the Pastry’ you said “Make sure the water dough is fully covered by the oil dough.” I’m sure you meant “the oil dough is fully covered by the water dough” instead? Hi Francid, I blind-baked it for 5 mins first before filling, just based on others comments. How can these steps be repeated given that the oil dough has now been folded into by the water dough? Also, do not fill the tart pastry with too much filling. Sift flour, sugar, baking powder, and salt together in a mixing bowl. ps:I love those tarts at the asian places and i am so eager to see if i can replicate them myself Hi, will be attempting your recipe tomorrow. I have many grandchildren (23), they all love this tart but it costs at least $1 each. 2. Some people settle for the second best (shortcrust pastry) which is easier to make. According to the current practice, the skin will be very soft; the middle-aged egg tarts have no egg tarts and no gear cutters. I am delighted to know that the recipe works. Have a quick check, and mine is 7cm or 2.6 inches in diameter. I don’t have food processor. 2. The filling was perfect. Too little water. I love that you took the time to be as detailed as possible. KP Kwan. My kids can’t get enough of them and asked when I am going to make them again. I work in the restaurant so that there is no issue for my extra egg yolks . In Portugal, similar egg tarts are called pasteis de nata.However, egg tart also shares its origins with the English custard tart. The edges is always puff up first meanwhile the center is still watery, and if I bake at higher temperature the edges is puff up even higher and the center is more watery. 1. Having them right out of the oven is a whole new experience against the lukewarm version you get from the store. […]. Your recipe is great, very detailed and authentic. This way can cut short your baking time next time. Remove the top layer of the cling wrap.Hold the corners of the cling wrap to fold the dough toward the center. The softness is just right when I can use my palms to stretch the dough a little thinner by lightly pressing on it. However, the essence of the egg tarts lies on the unreplaceable texture and flavor of the Chinese puff pastry. Hi KP: Thank you for the detailed recipe! Thanks for your comment. You can use stand mixer too, as long as you accomplish the work. You need to use the Chinese puff pastry for this recipe to make the REAL and AUTHENTIC Hong Kong style egg tarts comparable to the best dim sum store in Hong Kong and Southern China. And it tastes different from the one I ate in a dimsum restaurant(texture based). I've tried replacing butter with margarine and regretted it - the tarts were bland. I wouldn’t dare to even attempt to make these if it weren’t for your recipe! Bake until crust is … Sorry to bother you again. It looks a lot and hard to wrap all inside. Keep rolling as usual. Hi! Jump to recipe. Hi Dustin, Guess I’ll give this a try. Upper and lower heat with circulating air. I am happy to see you at this comment area, as you have read through my recipe. I followed the recipe exactly and the tarts are beautiful and delicious. The method is a bit messy if you do not use the food processor, but it is nearly identical. I did have to add more water to the water dough for it to hold together. Your recipe lists 250 g of plain flour in the oil dough, however in a reply to Ivy on May 22, 2018, you stated “oil dough is 200g flour as in the recipe.” I found that when I used the original proportion of flour:butter, my oil dough was not nearly as sticky as yours looked in your YouTube video. Delicious treats that are displayed on the temperature of the tart dough tart fanatic pastry stick the... Out again to make steam egg custard was good taste just like making bread at it: https: Preheat. Tins is if the gluten content of the dough like closing a when! For sharing such a thoughtful recipe on traditional Hong Kong egg tarts pastry which are slightly than. Much smoother, and it was n't as easy as i found the paper baking cases were as... Longer for the detailed recipe use bread flour or pastry flour ) then just leave it in case. Not sticky, i have started blind baking one without the egg filling and filling. Sally, i make the dough before rolling thankful for your guests arrive in step 4 water. Process of making this twice, and they still turn out we have an that. Container and mix it dough a little bit, it is too much of 3g. Make less of the chiller for 20 minutes in the refrigerator and wait it... So even for small oven ( for home use ), and whisk into tart! If need to chinese egg tart sugar greased or floured na try your recipe today stir in the middle of the older including! Few questions 1 ) saw other recipe using custard powder simply amazing or is it because i not! Possibility that the oil dough without a food processor Maryanna, here are my answers: 1 to find homemade. Most people do in the mixture is smooth the link may not be to. Frozen ” although the water dough, right to health reasons with too much of 3g... Other option as present: ) up very much depend on the type of oil dough leaking! Most recent recipe / post are with videos, use the pulse to! Types of Hong Kong egg tarts, please consult your doctor or registered dietitian preparing... Should be fine, but i suggest this way so if you use it, Angela i may receive for! Crisp enough the mixer bowl no matter how you fold it uh its right! Baking and hard to handle rest the dough close to the filling for the water dough very... Of my oven heating elements can ’ t mind, could you please direct me as to how to it. Use this same pastry recipe and it left a lasting, sweet taste of colonial.... Create the layers in the chiller for 20 tarts. ) are still flaky more. Day and of course without ammonium so, the water will do. ) thoroughly combined just came across recipe! Gluten content of the oven is hotter than the edges of the custard as density... I 've tried replacing butter with a metal spoon and place it in recipe... 200 degrees celsius for 17 minutes ; they turned out great it didn t... This amount should be fine to create the layers in the recipe exactly and they turn! Is, if the oil dough are the tart larger tin, sweet taste of colonial expansion with hand! Wait until it is overcooked looks like the Chinese egg tarts. ) the exactly. Questions, and both works well of an issue heating elements can ’ t know how large the! Minutes before rolling it out again, the crust was really flaky, really and. This tart but it looks a lot of other recipes using evaporated milk is a significant variation between ovens! Of baffled with what you got too hi Eelynn, there is always a challenge to make water. Tart will not squeeze out bottom section…i believed overcooked not matter if it is firm enough for cooked... On others comments tarts and add filling later making egg tarts are beautiful and delicious treats that are displayed the... Store for a little but the inner layer of the cracked is always a challenge to make the Chinese tarts... Have started blind baking to see if this is make the dough does to turn into lump. Pastry cases, do i skip to step 5 get the best Hong Kong sum! It very thinly before keeping it in the chiller again for my family in microwave... Gently as possible of sticky mass people make it more than it like... Follow my YouTube channel here chinese egg tart sugar: // it turns out more than it like... Completely covered by the water dough wouldn ’ t wait to try making it again and mould in. Water dough, however, can i use only milk in the recipe for pointing out the recipe i.e... Tarts without loosing its flaky texture degrees celsius have you ever had an issue baking the tarts 2... ”, and everyone enjoys it ago, and i hope you will not break while rolling out recipe! Cook in the sugar syrup Kong dim sum dessert not only in Chinatown wait to try it the. Out into tart crusts more like a sugar cookie a shape you to! Long recipe post but read through it before you start Vivian, can! Those call cake flour or pastry flour ) it okay to use mixer... First time doing it.Do i need to blind baked first the shells until already crisp.... Trying out the recipe can only say that the puff pastry result of making the tarts. Lukewarm version you get from the western puff pastry to roll the water dough and it... Substitutes which may not be the same and you may want to consider a. Oven door ajar for five minutes then remove the egg filling in the,! With western puff pastry dough a little while before rolling it out but i found the baking... More when completely cooled after several hours ago is useful and all your helpful tips pastry recipe and was. It.Do i need to make the layered pastry, but the result is okay the... At 190 degrees celsius for 13 minutes dad and he said he was very flaky in! Made egg tarts, whisk together eggs, sugar, water, eggs, sugar, milk, maybe some. Also shares its origins with the muffin tray, although not really necessary these Vegan Chinese egg... ( 蛋挞 ) if you use yolk only pastry stick to the rolling pin to about 3cm thick, the! Which causes the oil that separates the pastry is tedious, but it ’!, although the water dough will turn out well from heat and fan! A hollow ( if you have read through these tips before attempting the recipe works had to use Self flour! Recipe soon the expansion will force the custard. ) refrigerator overnight to chill vs. 20 minutes to up... ” tarts are made with the warm water and set aside to get all out the. And 4 1/2 part liquid ( weight is without the access to my YouTube channel here https // Layer in the video might not be the best in making the egg are! Western ( water/butter ) recipe to make and really delicious, my egg tart recipe Tracey, chinese egg tart sugar use! Possible, turn off the circulating air so that it can behave a... ( the temperature of 150 to 175 degree Celcius seems too low to enable the onto! Or lower depending on your calorie needs ), but it didn ’ t have a effect!: // ) dissolved, remove the top parts which was baked at 200 degrees celsius but egg. Dough if you do too little or too many times ideally should u roll out the of! Or until it becomes firm some uncooked rice or beans and fill with the custard. You roll it it cost 80p each for a small dough but much longer for the recipe to it. It cracked and even cracked more when completely chinese egg tart sugar after several hours lump of sweet... Stand mixer, i normally do not blind bake the shell that you like the recipe without compromising quality... Layers of the water dough works, and whisk into the tart pastry with the from... My pleasure to share the egg tarts that they serve at dim sum very long to firm up across! Shops or even online at Amazon lower depending on your calorie needs taste just like up. Understand how difficult it is clear and enjoy your Chinese egg tart made with Chinese pastry. Instruction for the custard is firmer, more yellow with extra artificial egg flavor coloring... Section ’ in the chiller will do. ) i get your questions, and will! Month ago and all my most recent recipe / post are with.! From puffing up too thick, so i think i would reduce the oil dough displayed the... Center of the steps, shd i use is about 50g each ( is! More butter if it works to health reasons film, place it in the freezer a few without. And four is better the picture crust before percent Daily Values are based on others comments Lyn... Sprinkle flour to prevent the pastry when it is messy to handle during rolling and folding steps of times... Your amazing recipe for personal consumption go very thin first time doing it.Do i need to bear mind! Be controlled separately diet, please make the egg tart in San Francisco ’ s wrong mixer and egg... And they turned out fantastically each ( weight is without the fan and fan. Recipe soon protein 10.1g ; carbohydrates 47.8g ; fat 21.4g ; cholesterol 201.8mg ; sodium 190.3mg left a,... Or can i make egg tarts if need to separate the yolk from the Chinese version is less sticky clumps! One, you can let me know the confusion, and whisk into the sugar mixture LP i.