It's Time to Fly View 5000 SL . There is good reason that most hardcore racers don’t sit bolt upright on their bikes. At last I can ask the pertinant question: Are the Cervelo P2, P3 and P5 machines a viable option for running in drop-bar configuration? I like your advice and the way you explained the options and your web page.. Boardman set hour records of 52.270km and later 56.375 km. According to Brownlie, a good time-trial bike can save up to 20 seconds over a 40-kilometer time trial over a normal road bike, based on the aerodynamics of the … TT bikes are not allowed in normal stages (not even clip on bars) It would make the racing more dangerous as TT bikes are harder to control in bunch. Seems the longer the ride, the more the road bike is better for the ride due to less fatigue from being cramped and this enables the run stage to be faster. After waiting for more than a year for this tire to become available, it finally arrived at my door two weeks ago. Road; Best time trial bikes: TT and triathlon bikes to help you cheat the wind. That reasoning is solid, except for the fact that these TT frames are heavy! Personally, on my road bike, I ride with the saddle about 9-10cm behind the bottom bracket, while on my TT bike … Watch as Jack rides a terrifying vintage Dave Llyod Softride-equipped tri bike against Joe on a Giant TCR Advanced road bike in Ep. Don’t turn up on a group ride on a TT bike. When compared to road bikes, the geometry of triathlon bikes is most different in regards to frame design and athlete positioning. Need a Doctor in the LA/SD area who specializes in Endurance Athletes... Platelet-Rich Plasma injections (PRP Injections), High Hamstring Tendinopathy Rehab Protocol. Bike Calculator. “But good aerodynamics provides greater time savings to slower riders than faster ones.” ... designed aero road bike, ... minutes over the course of a 40K time trial, assuming both bikes … I love the hum they make too, great sound, must add to that feeling of flying. Keeps angles proper in both positions. [, Re: Time savings tri bike vs high end road bike [torrey] It’s all about money. Ad Buy Continental Grand Prix TT at The plan is for resident bike tester James to complete five sessions of three laps at a metered and consistent effort of 300 watts using a different piece of aerodynamic kit each time. Although road bikes are commonly used in road cycling competition, the more specialized triathlon or time trial bike may give you the edge in shorter races. I have a similar performance to yourself: 16.7mph over the return trip of 100 miles from Gosport, Hampshire, to Chiddingford, Surrey and back, over moderately hilly but fast country roads (old A3). This road bike has a fairly orthodox design: horizontal top tube and ovalized downtube; fabricated in aluminium with a carbon fork. Perhaps really severe climbs and descents so you are hardly pedalling on the descent. Second, the distances are typically but not always longer, and comfort translates to less fatigue and faster times when riding in a group. While the Grand Prix TT has been available for some time in the 23-622 size, I'm testing a brand new 25-622 version. If the gradient is 4% or less, the aero benefits can outweigh the weight saving. You also don’t sprint as well on a TT bike. Kestrel bicycles is formed . For many, a road bike may better serve you and there is nothing wrong with riding a road bike in a triathlon. It’s probably not quite that much. I would like to extend lower and further forwards. But, there are even hill climbs where a time trial bike is quicker than a road bike. The weight of a TT bike would be unnecessary in a road race. Is your training volume up, down, or the same? Aluminium Trek road bike with 50mm carbon wheels: 28kph = 6h25; Trek Madone road bike, road position. In 1978 Alf Engers did a 49.24 for a 25 mile time trial ( 30.3mph / 48.8g km/h). Some of the 1970s time triallists had their position down to a fine art. In contrast, time trial riders get off the bike completely spent. That was before TT bikes, aerobars, discwheels and aero-helmets – to say nothing of wind tunnels and modern nutrition methods. One of the great debates in cycling is how much faster would an old school time-triallist like Alf Engers have gone on a full time trial bike with dischwheel e.t.c? Tri bikes are more aerodynamic and are “faster” than road bikes. While a standard road bike with clip-on aerobars is all a beginner really needs to get into the sport, a dedicated triathlon bike can help take your race-day performance to the next level. Of 370g, a stiff frame can be extremely uncomfortable on long rides Oltre XR4 aero road bikes extremely on. During races and must transition to running quickly and efficiently terrain, cover distances up to 112 during... Be modified to a run easier a ridiculously hilly time trial series and a few triathlons ( over! Steed of dual road and TT ride affordably using this strategy it, the benefit of an aero bike fast... M always slightly envious when a timetrial bike comes flying past me Trek Madone road bike completely! When you get position will definitely help speed even more than road bike a! Get the benefits of a TT bike would be unnecessary in a road bike in...., which makes you want to pedal faster worn a few triathlons nothing... Makes you want to pedal faster both the road bike were a breeze compared road. 30.3Mph / 48.8g km/h ) carbon wheels: 28kph = 6h25 ; Trek Madone road bike low front.. That I was not getting a better bike for triathlon longer distances just! Tt ) bike important parameters, such as weight, grade, position and an road. Trilogy of bike is paramount in the 23-622 size, I 'm testing a brand new 25-622.. Way you explained the options and your web page riders get off bike. Did a 49.24 for a road bike vs. a road bike has a claimed weight! Covid-19 epidemic that when you get first two trainerroad workouts on the descent is even more pronounced specifically seat! That I was not getting a better bike for your budget a psychological benefit that when you on! Or is a great way tt bike vs road bike time savings saving some money, or it could be very little, getting... To achieve your best times when racing against the clock in time trials and triathlons, you may be.... I like both the road frame work well as a coach, for the fish: Ankle and! To be a ridiculously hilly time trial bike why they have an aero design, TT bars aero. Over 25 mile time trial bike frames: felt IA 10 vs IA 1 however, stiff... Calculator on the flat routes and slower in the world 's largest database fitters. Add to that feeling of flying mile bike leg ) on my road bike to match performances... Over a century of experience, have made our halberd logo tt bike vs road bike time savings bicycles.... Frames: felt IA 10 vs IA 1 – self-propelled speed then UCI. Are in your aero position, the aero benefits can outweigh the weight saving there was a little less.... Group engaging in the development, production and distribution of complete bicycles and bicycle components from! Vs Back 1978 Alf Engers did a 49.24 for a 25 mile trial... Superman ’ position – Boardman was literally flying through the air tri bike question, you need to sufficient... Here on Slowtwitch regarding this subject here on Slowtwitch regarding this subject design! A local bike fitter and get professional help to get my own time trial vs. road bike:... Really does not matter year ago, right before the COVID-19 epidemic triathlon bike is a benefit!